Saturday, August 23, 2014

Children at the Perot Museum...

I love working with children!  They are an absolute blast to photograph.  Maybe it's because I have three little boys of my own.  Or, maybe it's just because kids don't try to hide their awe and wonder, which shows in their photos.  Either way, it makes shooting at the Perot so much fun!  My images are used on all sorts of brochures, billboards, media packets, and websites.  It's exciting to see them in each new poster, newsletter, and banner.  Every time a new piece comes out, I get excited to see it.  

This new brochure was especially great to see, because it is so well done.  The card stock is a nice soft, smooth matte, and it has a heavy weight that feels just right to my fingers.  The images were used very well and they balance the text perfectly.  The design layout is great for a brochure.  My scanner really doesn't do it justice... it looks soooo much better in real life.  And, the kids!  Look at all the learning, the fun, the wonder, the awe, the excitement!  I think their faces say it all... the Perot Museum is one of the best places to be in Dallas!  


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