Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Profoto AcuteB 600r talk?!?

I use my Profoto lights ALL the time, so I'm bound to have something worth saying on the matter. And since so many of you have discovered my blog by searching for more information on the strobes, I thought I'd provide a little more.

I can't see who you actually are, but I do have access to a few details that brought you here (like what search words were used to find me). I noticed that one search was asking about troubleshooting the 600r with a Pocket Wizard transmitter. I know why that search was made. I had the same issue at first.

One of my packs would not fire every time. It was an expensive new pack and an expensive new PW MultiMax. I thought the MultiMax might've been defective, because my older, cheaper Pocket Wizard transmitter worked fine. Well, it was the MultiMax and it wasn't.

I switched the MultiMax transmit channel and it hasn't missed a single fire since. I guess a few of the channels aren't very friendly with the Profoto gear. Oh well, no big deal now that I have it figured out!

Oh, and this should be obvious, since it states it right in the manual, but... Always fire your PW within thirty seconds of turning on you 600r pack. It will search for a PW signal within those first thirty seconds.



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