Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life as the VP keeps me busy...

Besides being a full-time photographer here in North Texas, I am also the vice president of the ASMP Dallas chapter. This keeps me busy. This morning I got up, fed the boys, then went up to the studio and handled a few client emails. Then I started working on some upcoming ASMP projects. Later today, I'll be dropping some image discs off to clients, making more phone calls, following up on more ASMP business, heading to the gym with the wife for a work-out (we are getting in shape and training for a 5K) and then finally... some relaxation in front of the television!

Oh, so one of the upcoming ASMP events that I'm trying to put together... a big seminar on photographers who have transitioned to (or added) video production services! It should be a great event! I just called Christopher Robbins out of New York to find out his level of interest in speaking at the event. I saw his blurb in the most recent PDN, so I checked out his work. I like the stock video clips he's producing. Hopefully, he sounds like a good fit when I talk to him on the phone.

We have some other great speakers lined up for that event, and I'll keep you posted when we have a firm date set. Otherwise, it's back to work for now. Life as a pro photog and a VP seems to be never ending!



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