Friday, October 9, 2009

Hassie Digi...

I only need $14k to buy a Hasselblad digital back for my medium format cameras. Anyone have that kind of spare change stuffed in between the cushions of their couch? Wanna share? No? I didn't think so...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bowling For Soup in the bathroom...

Here is the new issue of Quick. I think it's one of my better covers. The pics are for a feature on the Grammy-nominated Denton band, Bowling For Soup.


Where's Waldo?!?

Or, more like... where's Jason? I received this email from the folks at ACL yesterday. It had a picture that caught my eye. Who is that? Why, it's me!

I was photographing a band/DJ/guy named Girl Talk at the 2009 Austin City Limits Music Festival, and you can see a tiny little me in a blue shirt and green hat. Not really "stop the presses" news-worthy stuff, but I thought it was funny to spot myself in the pic. Kind of like a real life game of Where's Waldo!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photographer, behind the scenes...

Here's some behind the scenes footage of a recent photo shoot I did. I also helped some with the "official" video that will be up on Quick's website in a few days - incase you are wondering why I was also seen operating a video camera.

I'll post a link when the photos and video come out. But I'm sure you'll see them before I do, because you read Quick online and in print all the time... right?


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ACL extras...

I had a few mud shots from ACL Fest that couldn't be used for publication, for one reason or another (either it was a redundant image or I didn't have the person's name for the cutline). I'm sure you've seen most of my pics up on the Quick website by now (more coming in this Thursday's issue). Well, I thought I could toss the leftovers up here...

This man was mudhead. At least that's what I nicknamed him. I suppose I might've sported a similar design, if I were bald. Or, worn a hat.

This girl made me laugh. She was relatively clean, compared to most of the ACL audience. She had to walk through this messy, sloppy, mud pit, which she wasn't happy about. I saw her face squinch up as she started. Then she covered her eyes as she stomped through, like it would make the mud go away if she couldn't actually see it.

The one above was someone I spotted while snaking my way through the crowd. I looked up, and there was this girl covered in mud. Completely covered! And she was so proud of it!!!


ACL, from another point of view...

Hopefully, you followed my ACL Fest photo blog on Quick's website this past weekend. Here is a link to three days worth of pics and postings:

I think I did an OK job of shooting the three day festival. I just started looking at other websites and publications to see what they got. Some of them got some pretty sweet shots - stuff I was envious of. Some of them seemed as if they phoned this one in - no effort, no talent. Here is what I found from the others. You be the judge and tell me who had the best shots of the weekend: