Friday, May 28, 2010

My Profoto batteries...

The batteries on my Profoto Acute B 600r packs are finally starting to show their age. I've had the packs since the middle of 2007 and I shoot with them all the time. It's now the middle of 2010, so that's not too bad, I think. Three years on those little batteries... Now, I need to find a cheap replacement. I'll keep you posted!

Speaking of Profoto, they are sponsoring an ASMP event here in Dallas on June 16th at Bolt Studios that should be a total blast! From 6-9pm with free drinks and food, too. Here are the details:


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Michael Jordan's Obituary...

I photographed Michael Jordan - the CEO of EDS, not the basketball player - some years ago for eWeek Magazine. I had photographed countless people, celebrities and heads of companies before. However, this is the first time I had done a portrait of the CEO of a multi-billion dollar international company. I've shot many other Fortune 500 CEO's since then, but I still remember this one.

I remember he seemed very busy and stressed, as any person at his career level would be. In the thirty minutes I had with him, he seemed very polite and nice. He seemed very committed to his company and employees. But, man... I remember leaving that shoot and feeling glad that I wasn't a CEO. It looked like a job that was just too stressful for me to handle.

Anyway, I was kind of sad to see this in the paper today:

Sure, I didn't really know him. Thirty minutes is hardly enough time to remember a person at all. But still, it's sad to know that someone I met, someone I looked at through the lens on my Hasselblad and captured on film is no longer here.