Friday, October 15, 2010

Video of my shooting video...

I found this behind the scenes video on youtube from a shoot I did last year for Quick. It shows me doing stills and some video work...

and here is the final product we were filming...

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shooting events or sports? Combine the two!!!

I've shot tons of corporate events for clients, getting pictures of guests mingling, candid shots of people enjoying the event and posed photos of important attendees. I've also had to shoot plenty of sporting events for newspapers over the years, getting action shots of players and scene-setting shots of the game. What most photographers don't realize is they are missing out on an opportunity. They can combine the two shooting styles and gain a whole new client base... they can start shooting corporate-sponsored sports outings!

The most popular events are golf outings, though corporations or charities sponsor all sorts of sporting events, like bowling, softball and even skeet shooting. If you can shoot a good combination of sports action and event photography, these events will be a natural extension of what you currently do.

So, don't overlook the potential of gaining new clients through their sporting events. These are often very important events for them, and they need good pictures to share with their clients and customers!

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