Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dallas PR and Corporate Event Photography...

Dallas is a big city. Because it's a hub for so many industries, there's a LOT of corporate event and PR photography to shoot. There are plenty of conventions, product announcements/launches and general Press Release opportunities that all need photos and video!

In general, this type of photography is paid by a day rate or an hourly shooting rate. Rates can vary from city to city, but Dallas photographers normally charge $200-$300 per hour for standard event coverage. Certain factors could raise or lower this rate, but I've found this is a good ballpark to expect.

Here's an example of just a few recent events I was hired to cover. You'll notice that corporate events can have a wide range of subject matter. Expect to shoot guest speakers, convention displays, pictures of mascots, facility tours, meeting sessions and much more ...

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