Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Old Pictures...

Well, I decided to thumb through some more old photo files, and I came up with another random sampling to share. This group runs from about 2004 to 2009, and includes magazine feature and cover shots, test shots, concert shots and personal project shots. It really is just a random sampling of stuff that caught my eye...

This is a photo of the Texas Star ferris wheel, shot with my Holga, probably shot around 2004 or 2005.

Comedian Carlos Mencia photographed in 2006.

This is a test photo I did of myself, the day before I shot the album cover for the last Rhett Miller solo album. I don't normally do a lot of testing for specific shoots, but this one required me to get a very particular look.

I forget this guy's name off the top of my head (I'm sure a quick google search would find it again), but he was the keyboard player for Cat Power. I shot her concert a few years back for The News.

This lady was the oldest active professional female bucking bronco rider in the world when I shot her several years back for a magazine cover story. Her name is Jan Youren and she was inducted in to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 1993. In this photo, I captured her picking herself up and dusting off after falling from a horse.

This is the Denton banded Mount Righteous. The group is about ten members strong. Because the band is so big, they were a challenge to shoot! I think it turned out well, though...

Another Mount Righteous shot from January 2009. We found an abandoned car dealership and used my Profoto AcuteB 600r packs to light the band. I wanted to do something fun and different with the photos, to match the band's style and sound. I think I succeeded.

This is Daniel Folmer, a local folk and pop singer.

Play and Skillz, a Dallas duo that has produced hit singles for some of the biggest acts in the world. They even have a grammy to prove it!

Another Dallas band... Airline. We all had fun on this shoot!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Deep Ellum and D Magazine...

The January issue of D Magazine should be hitting your mailboxes and newsstands any day now. Be sure to pick up a copy and check out the double page spread on Deep Ellum, featuring my photos. It was great capturing the essence of the historic area in images for the monthly publication. I've always loved Deep Ellum, ever since the first time I saw it in 1993. I've seen it go through a lot of changes over the years, and I like the direction it is currently taking...

Pick up a copy today, because this rough scan just doesn't do the photo spread justice. You really need to enjoy it in person. In fact, buy two copies, because your mom needs to see it, too!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AP's Best Pics of 2010...

212 images? That is definitely too much for a "Best of 2010" list, and the AP should've narrowed it down a bit. Some images on the list are average at best, and only made the cut because the associated story was popular (the image of Lindsay Lohan?!? Absolutely nothing special, except her celebrity status). However, many of the images are amazing, shocking and/or inspiring. Take a look and see if you can make it through all 212 images!


Another Quick Cover...

Here is another fun cover photo that I recently shot...


A Great Industry Blog...

Lots of good photo industry advice here:


They Are Still My Photos...

Sometimes you may be looking at my photos without even knowing it! Some clients have automatic reprint rights, due to my contract with them. Certain clients also have rules that allow them to label any older photos as "file photos" instead of listing the specific photographer, which is a way to simplify crediting archived photos.

The system made more sense before the digital age, when it could be difficult to match up a photo with its info. Today, the system seems antiquated, since all sorts of info can be digitally stored inside the actual image, making it very easy to retrieve the detailed information.

Here's a good example of my old photos being reprinted without my name credited to them. Both the Wu-Tang Clan image and the shot of Rob Halford were taken by me several years ago... one concert in 2007 and the other in 2005. You might not have recognized them as mine, especially since they have the "file photo" credit under them, but they were definitely taken by me right here in Dallas!

So, next time you see a concert file photo in the paper, take a second look... it might just be mine.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Talk about DIY Flash Diffuser?!?

I ran into this guy at a nightclub last night and noticed his DIY diffuser for his flash. I could tell right away that it was homemade, but I had to go up to him and take a closer look. I love DIY projects!

As you can see, it is basically a clear, plastic, take-out container stuffed with something fluffy - maybe pillow stuffing? He said it cost him about a buck to make. I asked how well it worked and he showed me a pic on the back of his screen. The light was very diffused and even. The image had a little bit of an odd color cast to it, but I'm not sure how much of it was related to the diffuser - there are several factors in a nightclub that can affect your image color balance!

Overall, this would be a great flash diffusion trick in a pinch... assuming you could find a take-out container and an old pillow nearby. I'm not sure that I'd want to walk into a high-paying event with that thing on my camera, but still... it was a great DIY to stumble upon!