Friday, December 10, 2010

In Honor of Wu-Tang Clan...

I was asked to shoot the Wu-Tang Clan tonight, but I had to turn down the offer. I already had a gig booked with another client. In honor of their show tonight, I thought I'd share some pictures from the last time they played Dallas... back in 2007.


What is Shakodo?!?

Someone recently pointed me to this photo Q&A website, which seems pretty helpful for all sorts of pricing, licensing, business, etc questions:


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photographing Food...

This Kodak website was designed more for amateurs and hobbyists, but it is still a good read for general food photo tips:

This has me thinking, it might be fun to go through my archive and pick out my favorite food photo images. Hmmm... we'll see how busy I am this week. It would definitely make for a fun blog post!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Even When I'm Not Working, I Can't Help It...

Even when I'm not getting paid to shoot, it seems like I'm still shooting. It's like the camera is my bridge to society. It allows me to interact with everyone else in the world. Take this bowling night that the wife and I participated in, for example. I couldn't resist documenting it with my camera.

Sure, I didn't go all out, bringing the strobes, soft boxes and assistants with me. However, I still wound up snapping the night away... using the camera as an excuse to wind in and out of conversations and little pockets of laughter here and there. Maybe I need my camera so I can be normal?!?


Bye Bye Point and Shoot...

Well, this NY Times story doesn't surprise me too much:

Casual users don't care about ultimate quality... they care about ultimate convenience. Sure, you'll get a better picture with a dedicated point and shoot, but think of all the extra steps it will take. First, you have to remember to take your camera with you. People usually prioritize a cellphone, but a separate camera is harder to remember in the first place. Then, when the picture is taken, you can't immediately upload it to facebook or email it to a friend. You have to go home, plug it up to the computer and then upload it - and you may even need to resize it before doing so.

Good bye point and shoot cameras, it was nice knowing you!


Zacuto Gear?!? Yes, Please...

I've been doing a little video here and there, or at least as much as my gear will allow me to do. That's why I was surprised and flattered when one of the best new companies to make video accessories for the DSLR market asked if I wanted to test and review/evaluate some of their gear! If you aren't already familiar with Zacuto, you need to be. They make some stuff that will turn your DSLR into a mini movie monster!

We'll see what comes of the offer. I'm guessing they'll be loaning me some gear to try out from time to time? I'd definitely like to see what parts and pieces allow me to make the Canon 5DmkII easier to handle with video. I'm just worried their stuff will be so easy to use that I'll find I can't live without it... The last thing I need is a whole new list of gear that I have to purchase!


Looking Back at Slayer...

I know I shared a tear sheet of the concert photo that ran in the Dallas Morning News, but I never posted anything else from the Slayer concert I shot back in September. Better late than never, I guess. So, for those of you who enjoy being pummeled by insanely loud music, please enjoy the photos...


Monday, December 6, 2010

The Avedon Years...

Here's an interesting perspective of Richard Avedon, told from one of his assistants:


Life & Style, Anyone?!?

Does anyone get Life & Style Weekly? It's one of those celebrity-watcher magazines that you always see at the checkout counter. I had an image run in a recent issue, but I never even think about looking for it while at the store.

Honestly, I'm not even sure what the story was about, because I had to shoot a building for them, not some sort of "stalker paparazzi" stuff. I'm sure the building was linked to some celebrity somehow, but I didn't really care to ask who or why. I just shot pics of the place and submitted my invoice.

Anyway, if you are addicted to these celebrity gossip rags and you see a photo of a building in North Richland Hills, check the photo credit. It's probably mine...


Sunday, December 5, 2010

DSCV Field Day 2010...

I think I forgot to share these fun photos from last month's DSVC Field Day. It's basically a bunch of designers and visual artists having a ball...