Saturday, November 14, 2009

Disney animals...

Since I'm on vacation for the next few days, I won't be talking too much about work. However, I will still blog about photography. I eat, sleep, breathe, dream and constantly think about photography, so even my days off are filled with photos.

I like Disney World's Animal Kingdom and Epcot Center. They both have some really cool opportunities to see and photograph animals up close. And, it's not like shooting at a zoo, where the animals are surrounded by concrete. Disney makes a decent attempt to have the animals appear like they are in a natural environment.

I'm back at Disney today, so I thought I'd share a couple photos I took here a few years back. Hopefully, I will get something just as interesting during this visit. I wish I had my gorilla pics from last year's trip to Animal Kingdom that I could share right now. They were pretty neat, too. Maybe, I'll dig those up and post them when I get back home along with whatever I get here in the next couple days...


Friday, November 13, 2009

Southern Revival...

I received a last-minute assignment to shoot a church revival for a publication. I wound up getting some cool stuff that the magazine didn't need (they had me focusing on a specific person at the event, with no need of anything else), so I thought I'd share the extra stuff here:

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Now THIS is fashion!!!

I'm totally stealing these links from a photo forum that I frequent, because it is just that cool:


Seriously... this is the best fashion photography I have seen in a million years. The best part is they are using a photography technique from the 1800's. No digital cameras here... I've always wanted to make tintypes, but the process is just too involved - as you can see by the second link.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Light Impressions...

Light Impressions is always so expensive, half the stuff I want is usually back-ordered and their shipping takes forever. But I keep using them, because I haven't found anyone with a better product, yet. Their print storage boxes and archival items are the very best. Their mat board and mounting tape is wonderful. I will keep putting up with the high prices and long wait times for now... unless you can suggest another company with similar product quality?


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Single light tutorial...

Watching this video from youtube is a good way to understand the basics of lighting. I've always believed that simple is better, and I often use one or two lights at most.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top Dogs, Top Photogs...

Pick up this book now!!!

My friend David Woo, along with Richard Pruitt, photographed celebrities and legends with their pets. They recently published the book Top Dogs And Their Pets (ISBN 978-0-9841086-0-2 if you have trouble finding it).

I met both photogs at The Dallas Morning News when I started shooting for them about ten years ago. David has been very supportive of my work and has hooked me up with a lot of great clients over the years. He's been an essential part of my success as a professional photographer.

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The Crash That Took Me...

You've got one more day to see The Crash That Took Me cover and feature story on news stands. A new issue of Quick comes out Thursday, so grab one now! If you aren't familiar with this Dallas band, you should be. They are pretty good!

We did the shoot during the last days of the State Fair of Texas. It was drizzling that night, but the umbrellas add a coolness to the cover, I think...


Monday, November 9, 2009

Jason Janik vs. Art and Beer...

Let me first say that I almost NEVER drink alcohol. I'm not against it, I just don't really care for it. With that being said, you can tell that I'm a little off... a little buzzed during my interview in this video. That's the last time I accept a free beer sampler at dinner!

But, my rambling, wandering, drunk prose isn't the point of this video. Nope, KERA's Art&Seek was covering a really cool art show that I had the pleasure of judging. It was fun seeing all the art up on the walls. It was even more fun seeing some of these artists enjoying their very first art opening.

On a side note, I totally need a haircut, right? After seeing this video, I made an appointment for Wednesday.

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Canon 5DmkII vs. Halloween...

I've shot some good video with the Canon 5DmkII already, but most of it has been interviews. The camera is stationary, sitting on a tripod, so follow focus and camera shake aren't an issue. I think this is the first professional video I've done (I'm not counting my home videos of the boys or test videos that I wasn't paid to do) that required the 5DmkII to capture so much action.

It was obviously a lot harder to keep up with running, screaming kids than recording a sitting subject for an interview. However, I think I did OK...


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Texas Sales tax???

How about this handy little search feature, when trying to figure out if your client should be paying sales tax or not:

If they aren't even listed in the database and are based in Texas, they have no way to avoid paying state sales tax on your photo shoot. If they ARE listed, they need to meet one of the other qualifiers, as well - like the photos will be incorporated into their product, which they will be selling.

Collect sales tax and pay it into the state every January. As a professional photographer, you are required to by law!