Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Baker's Dozen of Concert Photos...

I have been shooting a lot of performances lately, so I figured I'd offer up a baker's dozen of recent concert shots. I still have a ton more shows, so I may continue this post with a second and third installment in the coming days...


Glee Photo Controversy...

Apparently (as you can see by his image above), photographer Tyler Shields' most recent domestic violence fashion shoot with a popular Glee actress is just one of many controversial shoots popping up. Is getting beat up supposed to be the new black in fashion?!?

This would actually make sense, as everything goes in cycles. Back in the mid-1990's, fashion photography hit a sort of heroin chic fad, with rough, strung-out models being the hot thing. Kate Moss was known as the poster girl for the movement as photogs like Vincent Gallo and Nan Goldin ushered in the style.


Another Lego Camera...

I've seen several Lego-made DIY projects, including a camera or two. However, this neat little invention is the first large format Lego camera I've seen. Very nice, indeed! See more about it here:


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hot In The City With Shea...

It's been super hot in Dallas this summer, but I braved the burning sun to do a photo shoot with FC Dallas' Brek Shea for the final issue of Quick. We were practically melting as I shot him outside of his North Dallas home, but I think it was worth it. Below, you will see the story and pics that ran in the paper.


Goodbye, Quick...

The last issue of Quick has hit stands and faded away. A few weeks ago, someone high up on the food chain decided to end Quick's run... stop it... end it... kill it... no more issues. ever. Yup, the cover photo above was my last cover shoot with the publication. It was a fitting farewell. I've had a lot of disgruntled readers complain to me about the decision, but there's not much I can do. I'm sure they'll eventually find something new to read.

I have since found a couple new projects to fill the void, including shooting some covers for the Friday Guide. I'll share those as they hit the stands. I've also started shooting some models for a pretty major client. I'll share more on that soon, but for now let me say that I think catalog work is a great new avenue that I should've been pursuing a long time ago.

Anyway... bye everyone at Quick. You were a blast to work with. I'll miss you!