Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taylor Swift's lovely locks...

When I was shooting the Taylor Swift concert last night here in Dallas, I noticed something... As Taylor swung and danced and shook, she had a few stray hairs fly off her head and down to the stage floor. One slowly floated down into a girl's hand at the edge of the stage. She held her hand out and watched it slowly land, like she was waiting for a snowflake to fall on a calm winter day.

I'm not sure if she kept the solitary hair and took it home, but I'm betting that single strand would fetch a nice reward on ebay! Not that I'm changing career paths to start capturing and selling celebrity hair... just saying, I'd rather sell it than keep it! I'm not much of an autograph guy, either - though I'd keep her autograph before I'd keep any of Taylor Swift's body parts!