Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photographing a Cheesy CEO...

No, this CEO wasn't cheesy. In fact, he was very nice, sincere and hospitable. It's a pun of sorts... a play on words. I recently photographed Scott McCallum, the CEO of a Dallas-based company for DCEO Magazine. I use the word "cheesy" to indicate our common connection - Wisconsin, land of cheese! Have you ever seen the cheese head foam hats that fans wear to Green Bay Packer's football games? Have you ever had a bite of honest-to-goodness Wisconsin cheese? Yup, it's a cheesy state, and I was born there!

Scott was the Governor of the great state of Wisconsin, and he now runs a company that handles logistics for aid relief. While shooting him for the magazine, we talked a bit about our time in WI - mine was rather short as a citizen, since my family moved to the Dallas area when I was four years old. However, it was still nice to discuss something we had in common, as it breaks the ice and allows for much more natural photos.

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