Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Photo Shoots Get Buried...

Sometimes you'll be paid good money to shoot an advertising campaign, only to never see those photos used. They get buried, lost and forgotten. I was digging through my photo files and I stumbled upon these shots from last May. I was hired by an advertising agency here in North Texas to take photos for their client - a financial institution.

The agency was doing several television spots, but they wanted to get some good stills for use in a potential billboard and print campaign. They had their client sold on the TV spots, but the agency was still pushing for the print work. Instead of eventually getting their client to commit to the print campaign, then having to rehired all the models, they brought me in to piggyback my shoot off their video shoot - hoping they would eventually use the stills I was paid to take.

It's a lot cheaper to piggyback your stills off the video shoot, but they also ran the risk of spending a lot of money on photos they'd never use. I don't know if the billboards ever ran or not, but it is possible these photos were paid for and never saw the light of day. It happens all the time.

The images were supposed to be turned into black and white images and have the opacity reduced so they could run as background behind the billboard's text. They aren't anything mind-blowing or wild, but they are exactly what the bank wanted... safe, secure, happy and inviting.

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