Friday, January 20, 2012

Strike Two For CPS...

Canon Professional Services, I am becoming more and more frustrated with you. I've spent the last couple hours on and off the phone with CPS. I am trying to upgrade to a gold membership, but their online system is having trouble with my credit card. The card company said everything is fine on their end. Canon finally gave up and said to just mail them a check. Really?!? That is your answer? Fine... if it were still 1963.

GRRRRRRRRR!!!!! At this point, I've wasted more than the $100 fee, spending time on hold and on the phone with them getting nowhere. They should've just bumped me up and called it done, since it is their problem with the payment not being accepted. Canon, you are making me mad... And, this is all because another one of your lenses broke. How much will it cost me to switch over to Nikon?!?


New Posts Are Coming...

I promise! I'll get some new posts up soon. I've just been so slammed with shoots over the last couple weeks, I've barely had time to sleep... forget about finding time to post on the blog! In the meantime, enjoy this photo link: