Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I forgot to share these photos I took for a Quick cover story on the new musical It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman. The feature story looked great in print, and Hunter's writing was excellent (as always). Apparently, the musical is getting some really good reviews. I might just have to find some time to go see it...


Cookies, Cakes and Photos, Oh My...

I've been doing a lot more product photography for small business catalogs, websites and marketing over the last six months. I think this might be a good sign for the national economy, or at least for the Texas economy. If more small and medium sized businesses are willing to invest in updating, upgrading and growing their retail footprint, there must be brighter skies ahead!

The latest shoot I did was for a cookie and cake company. You can see a few of the day's shots below. The art director went with a flowery summer theme, which I thought was fun and different for a cookie company...


Anthropologie scores!!!

I just got the new Anthropologie catalog in the mail yesterday, and it's pretty nice. If you are looking for some photo inspiration, you should pick it up. I've always been hesitant of their imagery (and disgusted by their sister store Urban Outfitters' sorry attempt at edgy catalog images), but the current issue really hits the mark!

Sure, they still have some consistency problems from page to page and image to image, and a few shots feel like a high school intern shot them; but, I'm finding a ton of great stuff to look at overall. I especially love the cover and the last several pages of housewares set in chalkboard rooms with hand drawn props... very clever, Anthropologie!!!