Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some Pics That Caught My Eye...

I have been pretty busy shooting this week, and the weekend will be just as busy. I didn't want to neglect the blog, so I decided to quickly glance through an old photo folder from 2009 and grab a few shots that caught my eye. I'll post a "real" story soon... maybe something about a recent shoot or a good photo tip? Hopefully, these will tide you over until then:

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shooting Dallas Skyscrapers...

There are a lot of new skyscrapers in Dallas, and the skyline has changed quite a bit in the last ten years. It's pretty easy to find interesting buildings to shoot, if you're into architectural photography. I thought Cirque, one of the high rise buildings in Victory Park was nice. They have an amazing pool that overlooks downtown. I have pics of it somewhere... I should post those sometime.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Austin City Limits Fest, 2010...

Finally, I get to share some more 2010 ACL Festival pictures! Because my contract with certain publications states that certain shots are exclusive to them for the first month, the only way I was able to share those images was by posting a tear sheet or link to the magazine's website. For other shots, I had to keep them under wraps from the general public, while I shopped them to certain music magazines that might want to buy them.

Well, the "exclusive rights" time has since expired and the window for selling any more images has closed (nobody will be starting an Austin City Limits story over a month and a half later), so I can finally post some shots I liked from the three day Austin, TX music festival. Enjoy...

Black Keys

Sonic Youth

The Strokes

Silverspun Pickups


Monsters of Folk


Flaming Lips

The wild ACL Fest crowd

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Old Video...

I ran across an old video I did from Easter of 2009. Considering how much I've learned about documentary video since then (and the fact that I've upgraded to much better video gear since then), this video isn't half bad. It's a short feature about an annual charity Easter egg hunt. There are also some pics of mine attached below the story. The first six or seven are mine, the rest are reader/contributor submissions (in case you're wondering why the style and quality of the pics suddenly changes around the seventh or eighth image)...

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Shooting children...

I volunteered to do some portraits of the Sunday School children at our church. Nothing big, just some close-up shots of them on a red background for some Christmas projects the church makes for members every year. While I was up there, I noticed this little, naked baby doll. I decided she needed a portrait of her own...