Saturday, May 26, 2012

ASMP Dallas Student Gallery Show

The juried photo show at Kettle Art Gallery turned out pretty well, I think. It's tough being President of the North Texas chapter, trying to wrangle all the people and juggle all the details to make stuff like this happen, but it's also very rewarding when it all comes together!

Of course, it's not just me. So many other people gave their blood, sweat and tears to get us here. Our entire chapter board did so much work organizing and executing, the five guest judges worked hard to pick the final images for display, Frank at Kettle broke his back to get the show hung... and, of course, the student members all printed and delivered their images without issue.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Chefwear Catalog Photographer!!!

The new Chefwear catalog is out, and it features Dallas/Fort Worth area restaurants! It was great working with the people at Chefwear to showcase DFW's best and boldest for their professional clothing catalog. Here are some sample pages from the 56 page catalog. I hope you enjoy my photos, as much as I enjoyed the photo shoots!

If you like these catalog photos, feel free to visit my website at


Abstract Concert Photos...

Every once in a while, I will play around at a concert and try to take some abstract images. They show off the movement, colors and energy of a show. It can definitely be something different and fun!